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1. A state of mind or emotion.

2. A pervading impression of an observer: the somber mood of the painting.

3. An incidence of sulking or angry behavior.

4. Inclination; disposition.

5. Logic The arrangement or form of a syllogism.

6. a conscious state of mind or predominant emotion

7. the expression of mood especially in art or literature

8. a fit of anger

9. a prevailing attitude

10. a receptive state of mind predisposing to action

11. a distinctive atmosphere or context

12. the form of a syllogism as determined by the quantity and quality of its constituent propositions

13. distinction of form or a particular set of inflectional forms of a verb to express whether the action or state it denotes is conceived as fact or in some other manner (as command, possibility, or wish)

Sentence Example with mood

  • doesn't take much to get me in a mood oh! you mean the mood*. . .
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