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1. A chemical symbol of radium. Rd is more generally used.

2. A prefix in some words of French origin, ultimately from re- and ad-. See rabate, rabbet, rapport, etc.

3. A terminal moraine.

4. An obsolete form of roe.

5. In Egypt, mythol., the sovereign sun-god of the Memphite system, the chief Egyptian personification of the Supreme Being.

6. An intensely radioactive metallic element that occurs in minute amounts in uranium ores.

7. Ancient egyptian sun god with the head of a hawk; a universal creator; he merged with the god amen as amen-ra to become the king of the gods.

8. (astronomy) the equatorial coordinate specifying the angle, measured eastward along the celestial equator, from the vernal equinox to the intersection of the hour circle that passes through an object in the sky; usually expressed in hours and minutes and seconds; used with declination to specify positions on the celestial sphere.

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Sentence Examples with Ra

  • A number of other hla-dr alleles are also linked to ra.

  • Amon, like most of the other gods, was identified with ra, the sun-god of heliopolis.

  • Furthermore, while not a human pathogen, the major mam-responsive human vâ gene family is vâ17, reported to be overrepresented in synovial t cells in patients with ra.

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