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1. Slang Pizza.

2. A syllable formerly used in solfège to represent b flat.

3. Pizza.

4. An old solfeggio name for b flat; the seventh harmonic, as heard in the or æolian string; -- so called by tartini. it was long considered a false, but is the true note of the chord of the flat seventh.

5. In solmization, a syllable once used for bь.

6. An intensive or augmentative prefix sometimes used in forming modern scientific words to emphasize the character or quality noted by the element to which it is prefixed (like e. very, a.), as in zalambdodont, having teeth with a very v-shaped ridge, zalophus, zamelodia, zapus, etc.

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Sentence Examples with Za

  • - tijekom izvođenja trombafereze ili leukafereze mora biti nazočan doktor medicine koji je odgovoran za pravilnu primjenu lijekova i sedimentirajućih sredstava.

  • Davatelj je svaka osoba koja daje krv ili krvni sastojak za liječenje bolesnika, izradu derivata plazme ili proizvodnju dijagnostičkih sredstava.

  • Davatelji plazme koji su podvrgnuti plazmaferezama uz udovoljavanje uvjetima za davatelje krvi iz članka 9.

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