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Sentence Examples with Affectionate

  • "Half the trouble is the stupidity of the whites," said Roberts, pausing to take a swig from his glass and to curse the Samoan bar-boy in affectionate terms.

  • He was a man of affectionate nature, sympathetic, and most considerate towards others.

  • In brussels, european commission president jean-claude juncker was affectionate towards tsipras, kissing him on the cheek and taking the new greek leader by hand.

  • It was an affectionate conversation, peppered with jokes, but one which made clear the different positions that must be taken by a reporter versus a politician.

  • Later, smith began buying him clothes, and she became progressively more affectionate with him.

  • She quickly won her foster family over with affectionate kisses and grateful looks for a warm lap to nap on.

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