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Sentence Examples with Allotted

  • Even in countries like egypt and syria, where fm broadcast is still not allotted to independent broadcasters, dozens of independent media activists have established their own radio stations using the opportunities that the internet provides.

  • Having traveled many times before and usually allowed into egypt, she decided to take the risk for, if she did not use her allotted day, she would have missed the conference.

  • Special police departments are allotted for the metropolitan cities, and there are city corporations for which mayors are elected for five year regimes.

  • The jews, on the other hand, hoped to gain control over the territory allotted to them under the partition plan.

  • Then, there is the term allotted to him in this state of his dismission: "Until the end be."

  • When class numbers rise, the likelihood of chaos rises also, and the time allotted to teachers to actually teach, falls.

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