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Sentence Examples with Animosity

  • And the fact that she holds no animosity toward her attackers is astonishing.

  • At the time I remember being surprised that any respectable news program would give someone with such deep animosity toward jews and others a platform where he could sell himself as a moderate leader.

  • It advocates minimizing animosity with religious leaders.

  • Rather, there was deep-seated animosity toward washington for having help engineer the coup that brought the shah to power in 1953 and consistently supported his repressive government thereafter.

  • The animosity between the armenians and the kurds is palpable.

  • This animosity is based on fear of a Bible believing Christian aspiring to political office.

  • Waters, having many jewish friends and relatives does not give legitimacy to your hostile campaign against the jewish state, and while painting a star of david on your pig may have been free of anti-semitic intent, your strong animosity towards israel is

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