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Sentence Examples with Augment

  • Additionally, osha recommended that hospitals assess specific local hazards and augment the recommendations depending on those hazards identified.

  • Mentzel is hanging on, considering part-time jobs to augment his income.

  • National sensor systems will normally augment theater air- and ground-based systems to provide warning, impact prediction, and launch point determination.

  • Of course, that hasnt stopped jasper fforde from saying idiotic things like: my thoughts on fan fiction are pretty much this: that it seems strange to want to copy or augment someone elses work when you could expend just as much energy and have a lot more fun making up your own.

  • These systems will augment the human ability to create and discover new insights.

  • This tactic involves altering the cropping system to augment or enhance the effectiveness of a natural enemy.

  • Us service is intended to augment, supplement or enhance the service provided by the author.

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