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Sentence Examples with Aura

  • A standstill, to which the suspicious word "communication" lends a certain aura, is making headway.

  • I saw bebe in person and her aura was totally different.

  • If the aura is already there, and the media reinforces it, the publishing world is happy to open its doors and the market is happy to welcome you.

  • In shade, 16-year-old aura salvatore can see ghosts, as can everyone born after her.

  • Le cynisme de la boutade aura beaucoup fait pour la f├ócheuse r├ęputation de marie-antoinette.

  • That aura of safety was part of the reason why christa mcauliffe, a teacher from new hampshire, was on board, the first non-astronaut to have that privilege.

  • Their strange aura and the depressing, life-absorbing abilities are quite a turn-off.

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