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Sentence Examples with Autopilot

  • Advancing an edge to edge quilt on an innova autopilot quilting machine loading.

  • In early january of this year, a 49-year-old livestock carrier that flew the sierra leone flag arrived on autopilot in italian waters, carrying 450 people on board, believed to be syrian.

  • Jenner was almost on autopilot those days, flying from speaking engagement to tv spots to charity gigs, often on a few hours sleep.

  • Latter today I will create an excel file for you that you can input the keyword autopilot changes into.

  • Running on autopilot I was focused on getting our tasks completed, solving the biggest problems we faced, overcoming obstacles and trying to fix our greatest weaknesses.

  • The flow of judicial and executive confirmations will slow, the budget will run on autopilot absent another shutdown threat, and a series of standoffs will give way to the 2016 elections.

  • Though autopilot systems have yielded enormous improvements in airline safety, some experts caution pilots have become so dependent on help from intelligent software that they are forgetting how to fly.

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