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Sentence Examples with Baleful

  • Her red hair looked dull, but her eyes were dark and alert and baleful in her white face.

  • If I do not succeed in getting dionea this place (and all your excellencys illustriousness and all my poor eloquence will be needed to counteract the sinister reports attaching to our poor little waif), it will be best to accept your suggestion of taking the girl into your household at rome, since you are curious to see what you call our baleful beauty.

  • No evil thing of any shape or kind shall spring up against me, and no baleful object, and no harmful thing, and no disastrous thing shall happen unto me.

  • One of several anglerfish families, black seadevils are named for their baleful appearance and typically pitch black skin.

  • The old man fixed a baleful stare on him, and he backed down.

  • Turner stalks the streets of victorian london, determination in his step even as he casts baleful glances at his fellow man.

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