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Sentence Examples with Balloon

  • A balloon floats underground and sends the alligators into a confused fury.

  • Albuquerque hosts the annual international balloon fiesta, which means it now has more to brag about than native son neil patrick harris.

  • Everyone was trying to make out what was written on the balloon.

  • Hot-air balloon pilots from various countries are taking part in the annual event that was started in 1994 at the former u.

  • However, the balloon could no longer be seen from the base 10 minutes after it was launched.

  • I looked like a normally proportioned person with a balloon for a head.

  • Popular local events include the tree frog music festival and a balloon festival.

  • Site citibanks ignonthe deal stands to balloon new york-based citibanks atm presence from nine states and the district of columbia to 39 states and washington, d.

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