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Sentence Examples with Bane

  • Consider This: Unless people are aware of its Hawaiian origins, this name will evoke the word bane and all its negative associations.

  • Hot money is the bane of emerging markets, but the opposition to regulating capital flows remains fierce.

  • On the one hand there are people who see it as the bane of a usable web.

  • Our under-paid, over-worked teachers are not the bane of the educational system.

  • The former takes place in victorian london, the latter in present-day new york, and the half-demon, centuries-old bane is part of both worlds.

  • They want government to listen to their message, but ignore counter arguments coming from campaigners, such as environmentalists, who have long been the bane of commercial lobbyists.

  • While some users tolerate them, others find pop-ups to be the bane of their surfing experience.

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