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Sentence Examples with Cash

  • Abbreviation of cash on delivery, 1859, originally american english.

  • But try and keep your cash problems to your self,or conversly stay away from this free site,and stay with your own kind.

  • By the summer of 1940, the new british prime minister, winston churchill, was warning that his country could not pay cash for war materials much longer.

  • For the full year, the Company generated positive operating cash flow of $629 million and ended the year with a total cash position of $8.0 billion.

  • Her husband needs money and has friend, desperate to help, goes to a money-lender to borrow the required cash for his friend.

  • Many are banking on companies using cash to buy back more of their own stock, which might lift sagging prices.

  • Offers free and cash ladders and tournaments for popular games.

  • Ramos guzman after he provided documentation that the cash belonged to his church.

  • Sale-and-lease-back deals, where a firm sells property and pays rent to occupy it, generate piles of cash.

  • Send us a game you developed and we may sponsor it for cash.

  • Servers, cashiers and bartenders might all collect payment, which introduces several opportunities for someone to misplace or pocket some cash.

  • Several businesses pay cash for junk cars, including pick-n-pull and us junk cars.

  • The boats have exchange offices with acceptable rates for your leftover cash.

  • The retailer would then wrap up the cash in plastic bags and hand it to shareholders with a smile.

  • The vendor puts the bill in the cash box and closes it.

  • Then users can make debit or credit transactions of points or even cash, or let devices swap data such as contact info.

  • Vimeo plus and pro members can turn on tip jar so fans can show their appreciation with small cash payments.

  • We might sponsor it for cash and put it in front of an audience of millions.

  • You will not receive a cash or credit card refund of your pre-payment.

  • Zappers alter the electronic sales records in a cash register.

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