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Sentence Examples with Commendation

  • As a general epithet of approval or commendation, the precise signification varying to some extent with the nature of the substantive qualified by it.

  • Brannan twice assumed command of his unit when the commanding officer was killed, and was awarded the bronze star and two army commendation medals for outstanding service.

  • During his military service, senator larkin was the recipient of the legion of merit and seven army commendation medals, and was also awarded one battle star for the philippines and six battle stars for the korean war.

  • I have nothing to add as this stands on its own, but I just wanted to commend where commendation is due.

  • If you go to the site, you can see which passed or look for the ease-of-use commendation logo on the product packaging.

  • Rainbow tick programme director michael stevens said the bank had also received a special commendation for its work with transgender staff.

  • Rice is no stranger to humanitarian crises, and her work on syria warrants commendation and recognition.

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