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Sentence Examples with Compass

  • A small compass and large hunting knife in a sheath hung on his belt, an ak47 was slung over his shoulder.

  • Agreed with hengst, just another thing to add on, if his compass is the type (as most are) with a rotating housing, he can't use the marking within the housing to keep on his original bearing, otherwise mistakes in shooting short bearings could result in compounding misdirection.

  • Bbva compass is a trade name of compass bank, member fdic.

  • Consider the light bulb, the compass, and the cardiac pacemaker.

  • Funds in the smartypig accounts are deposited with bbva compass.

  • In the case of wolves, dogs, and even cows, it would seem that this elimination is effected with an eye toward the cardinal points of the compass.

  • The article is based on humanism and new age philosophies that seeks to replace or displace jehovah god as creator and, more importantly, as our moral compass.

  • Various angle constructions with compass and straightedge animated demonstrations.

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