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Sentence Examples with Cozy

  • But two careers called, and before long we were headed east, building a home in connecticut along the waters of long island sound, and eventually putting all our eggs into our cozy nest in new york city.

  • By upping the cozy factor, making the most of winter assets and paying attention to details, you can make your house really stand out.

  • Nearly a year after perry and mayer called it quits for the third time, they were spotted looking very cozy at a super bowl after party.

  • No, they said, a cozy is a mystery story in which there is little or no gore (al, vidal or otherwise), no one uses bad language, (which apparently doesnt mean ending ones sentence with a preposition) and there isnt any sex.

  • So be sure to get cozy on your couch and watch these films during the holiday season.

  • Super-classic and formal, but very cozy and sheltering.

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