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Sentence Examples with Dictator

  • He led the revolution that in 1959 overthrew the dictator of cuba, who had the support of the united states.

  • He previously held several posts under former dictator zine el abidine ben ali, including in the interior ministry, which manages the police.

  • In seasons of great and imminent danger to the commonwealth, it was the custom of the Romans to appoint what they called a dictator, that is, a supreme executive, who was clothed with absolute and unlimited powers; and it devolved on him to save the state from the threatened ruin by the most prompt and energetic action.

  • On his return to rome, where he was now tribune of the people and dictator, he had four great triumphs and pardoned all his enemies.

  • The widespread militia violence has plunged libya into chaos less than four years after a nato-backed uprising toppled and killed longtime dictator moammar gadhafi.

  • Uk south korean polls open in presidential election park geun-hye - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia daughter of a dictator favored in s.

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