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Sentence Examples with Elated

  • Apart from seeing everything in bright colours and giant proportions, what elated us about the big screen movie experience were the little things.

  • Elected detroit board of education members elena herrada and lamar lemmons said they were elated at the dft election results.

  • Had she spoken ever so clearly he was, I take it, too elated to hear her distinctly.

  • Mr davies told the bbcs abbie jones that the word elated doesnt really quite cover it.

  • The responses to my article varied from people being elated about the comparison to others feeling outraged.

  • Though this shocked the media, who were both elated and censorious, the term chair has been used in this sense for a very long time.

  • While elated for some and disappointed for others, the feeling of mass collective awe spread through all of us, uniting us as one.

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