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Sentence Examples with Enjoyment

  • A large part of it is directed against certain speculatists who attempted to combine the doctrines of oriental mysticism and asceticism with christianity, thereby promising the disciples the enjoyment of a higher spiritual life and a deeper insight into t

  • I have a experience of dairy farmingits always sad to see any animal being used for commercial purposes without any consideration for the health, wellbeing and life enjoyment for the animal.

  • It is a source of satisfaction too since it is supposed to help satisfy a woman and help give and get more enjoyment during sex.

  • My daily enjoyment is testing myself on the meanings ofwords.

  • No amount of enjoyment a hunter may experience by killing an animal outweighs the pain and terror suffered by the animal he kills.

  • Some rough edges sully the overall enjoyment, however.

  • The art is gorgeous and definitely adds to the enjoyment of the story.

  • The psychological discomfort of repressed or moralistic individuals from centuries before created a jurisprudence relegating the enjoyment of non-procreative physical intimacy to the status of criminality.

  • This is evident in american students, with high confidence and enjoyment, but only with middle-of-the-pack scores on standardized tests.

  • To be inconvenienced by a load of camera equipment will definitely suck the enjoyment right out of a really nice place to see and experience.

  • Using standardized test scores, the report shows that nations with the highest scores also have the students with the lowest confidence in their math ability and the lowest levels of enjoyment from learning math.

  • Wine enjoyment is about more than just the wine itself.

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