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Sentence Example with failure

  • They write books about success through failure and the power of ¬≠failure.
  • In line with the above improvements, it was decided to reduced the cash holding of SLP units to Rs 1.0 million on average by transferring cash locally to branches of other banks by improving the relationships. In failure to be transferred to the closest DVB branch by arranging transport locally (with necessary approval from operations department) or through Central cash department.
  • And the chill of failure inhabited the place, visible in the cold eyes of the owners.
  • Coke was changed to the new coke, and it was a failure.
  • When they cannot peruse happiness, failure to thrive occurs, and people starve to death.
  • If the test was carried out before the previous mot expired, a failure would not invalidate the previous mot, and the vehicle could still be driven on the road.
  • Visible wiring that is insecure, inadequately supported or likely to cause a short will also result in a failure as will wires bared by damaged insulation.
  • Speedometerfor vehicles first used on or after 01 october 1937the glass being cracked is not a reason for failure providing there is no possibility of misreading the speedometer, no possibility of the indicator needle being fouled or the cracked glass bei
  • Seatbelt load limiters that are missing where fitted as standard or folding webbing type limiters that have obviously deployed are also reasons for failure.
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