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Sentence Examples with Flamboyant

  • But there are many reasons I dont bother with regular book reviews, even as I indulge in flamboyant movie coverage.

  • Follow flamboyant or intriguing characters through your narrative.

  • In my town of 1,800, that made you flamboyant in the 1960s.

  • Other than that, being set in real america limits the possibilities for flamboyant futuristic weirdness.

  • They will vote for whoever gets them wound up about being aggravated by stereotypical blacks, flamboyant gays, hippies, etc.

  • To cry all the way to the bank was coined 1956 by flamboyant pianist liberace, after a madison square garden concert that was packed with patrons but panned by critics.

  • To feel like a woman is a thing no one can control somehow, in my point f view, I agree with one of the commentators who said he did it the flamboyant manner.

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