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Sentence Examples with Flippant

  • If she is right, I can only suppose that Miss Pettigrew in using the word flippant meant to support the authority of her subordinates and to snub Lalage for attempting to rebel against time-honoured tradition.

  • The genuine pain and challenge and sadness of growing up are more flippant and less genuine than they were in 1983.

  • This is too flippant a description, but it highlights the problems that bedevils when we were young and unafraid, a show that starts strongly, leans to heavily on broad situations and then becomes thoroughly confused as it undermines what little character

  • To be honest, it looks legit, but carrie fisher has been known to be flippant with the press.

  • With this flippant accusation she has slapped men and women who truly have been victims of crime in the face, she disgusts me.

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