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Sentence Examples with Frame

  • A system or reference frame in which such intervals are measured or such quantities are calculated.

  • And do it in the time frame in which you said you would.

  • Chinese frame drum that, when struck by one or two small bamboo sticks, creates a sharp dry sound essential to the aesthetics of chinese opera.

  • Cos to modify the y position of the player over each frame, which will give us our up and down motion.

  • During roughly the same time frame, syphilis spread through europe at an astonishing rate, and then decreased.

  • Each frame of film had to be hand-painted to make the change from black-and-white to color a smooth one.

  • Even with a crappy lens, full frame sensor gets better picture out of it compared same lens on crop sensor.

  • He stood upright, but felt neither floor beneath his feet nor weight supported on his frame.

  • I cut the blu-ray video ontop of the original video layer as to match it frame by frame.

  • Incidentally, if the props look kind of odd and jut into the frame, it is only because it was originally shot in 3 d and hitchcock being the master technician that he is, used 3 d to further the plot rather than just as a gimmick.

  • It was all wonderful for me, almost from the first frame.

  • No doubt the technology has improved - canon is now capable to cut 7d sensors the right way and glue them together to fill a full frame area.

  • Provide each team with a list of items that must be found within a specific time frame.

  • The 18-135mm stm is an extended standard zoom for aps-c dslrs, while the 40mm stm is a pancake prime lens for full frame and aps-c cameras.

  • The menu shows the title frame with more room on all four sides, indicating that Mill Creek could have done better.

  • The result is yellowish blobs in a paler yellow fluid, surrounded by a highly polished steel frame.

  • The various papers and declarations of successive lambeth conferences, have served to frame the continued anglican debate on identity, especially as relating to the possibility of ecumenical discussion with other churches.

  • Visibility was adequate, although hampered by an overly complex frame and completely blocked to the rear in early models due to the raised turtledeck.

  • We encode the drawings via frame thief, then edit in final cut pro.

  • Webbing made it possible for me to create a stable but low profile upholstered seat that would work with the frame.

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