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Sentence Examples with Gaze

  • "We have Obama particularly looking down a lot ... and now looking down - what I call gaze aversion - is a new measure that has to go along with blink frequency," he said.

  • And she did it by pointing in his direction and occasionally turning to gaze at him directly.

  • Cedre has long been concerned that within the photographic experience women have always been portrayed within a male gaze.

  • For a moment, he looked up into ichabodís eyes and held the young manís gaze.

  • He continued to undress me and my gaze slid to my arm.

  • Her sagging posture and dull gaze echoed her despair.

  • I turned my gaze upwards, towards her pretty little face.

  • Visitors can explore the ruins of colonial churches and monasteries and dive into a bohemian cafe, all under the gaze of the three watchful volcanoes that dominate the horizon.

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