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Sentence Examples with Government

  • A growing number of companies in north america and europe have started to issue transparency reports with data about the number of government requests they receive and how many they comply with.

  • A number of sterling crises were followed by government controls and cutbacks.

  • And it does all this with billions of money that could be used to, say, repay the government.

  • Archive more the atlanticmore citylabmore quartzmore government executivemore defense onemore nextgov.

  • “when someone asks us whether we want a sectarian government the answer is ’no we do not want a sectarian government’ — not because the u.s. ambassador says so or issues a warning.

  • Corporations that guarantee most american mortgages and also to provide mortgage relief to some homeowners, but ongoing problems with mortgage defaults led to increasing losses at those corporations and resulted in a government takeover of the institution

  • Emphasizing property rights and freedom from government interference, the court held that a private club with a state liquor license could refuse to serve guests because of their race and that a private shopping center could selectively ban political pick

  • Full-blown fighting between the rebels and government forces erupted anew earlier this month following a period of relative tranquility.

  • In 1897, luis muñoz rivera and others persuaded the liberal spanish government to agree to charters of autonomy for cuba and puerto rico.

  • In 1971 the provincial government purchased the island, which in 1985 was declared a conservation park.

  • On tuesday, the non-profit center for plain language released its third annual report card for federal government agencies.

  • Overnight, government volcanologists have raised the alert to its highest level.

  • Plus it would restore a measure of balance to the government.

  • Production preceded predation, and government originated in predation.

  • Statute is unconstitutional, the government may prosecute an immediate appeal.

  • The nalsas strategy united australian government policy with that of the states and territories.

  • The very idea of the power and the right of people to establish government presupposes the duty of every individual to obey the established government.

  • The writer equates the government forcing companies to offer certain types of abortion services to the fight for civil rights for black folks back in the 1950s and 60s.

  • We will also be much poorer spiritually as we are trading god for government, a fools errand.

  • Weather data, in case a government weather satellite fails, as a recent report predicted it might.

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