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Sentence Examples with Grew

  • 67high-tech it companies and those manufacturing companies with increasing ties to international markets grew throughout the period while traditional manufacturing declined.

  • After a sharp recession in 1920-21, real gdp grew at an average at 4.

  • Antagonism over the bank issue grew so heated that its charter could not be renewed in 1811.

  • As american english grew in the 1700s, benjamin franklin campaigned to remove c from the alphabet altogether, though his efforts did not gain much traction.

  • As the population grew, an ever greater area was cleared to make way for agriculture.

  • At first, people built structures to protect against nocturnal monsters, but as the game grew players worked together to create wonderful, imaginative things.

  • Breckinridge grew up on the virginia frontier but nonetheless managed to attend william and mary college for two years.

  • But his sight was failing, and his hands grew less dexterous.

  • Guggenheim foundation in 1937, which grew into the guggenheim museum of modern art.

  • I feel like i completely grew more into my faith because of this marvelous app.

  • I grew up with a father who became deaf as a result of his work.

  • I like the place, grew a liking to the place rather.

  • Jacinta grew to be an old maid because after her sweetheart got sick and died, she never fell in love with anyone else.

  • She set up a asl class that very quickly grew into several.

  • The hearts of these little boys grew huge at a very critical time.

  • The label grew throughout the big band era, then signed the pop singers who succeeded those bands in the late forties.

  • The present town grew around a turkish fort built in 1842 and now restored.

  • The town grew up around a norman castle built in 1092.

  • Their children, bickerton found, grew up speaking a grammatically rich language - neither english nor the syntax-less pidgin of their parents.

  • These were the women who grew up with trek, who were kids and teens during the 60s, who saw something there that went beyond acceptable male homosociality, and they jumped on it.

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