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Sentence Examples with Harshness

  • 37 thus, with the fear of supernatural forces overwhelming godís good people, harshness was considered necessary self-defense.

  • But the fact was that most americans just personally liked him and his way of speaking, irrespective of the harshness of his policies.

  • But their harshness was retrieved by the upward curl at the corners of his mouth.

  • Christine buckleyavid road tripper, writer, filmmakeri love you for loving the multitude and diversity of people and the harshness of the land amidst a sea of eternal hope.

  • For years, I had been tightly wound around the idea that rigidity and harshness were my best options in dealing with my kids.

  • The clan structure of society has helped people to endure the harshness of their climate and geography, even in the face of national government neglect or abuse.

  • These people are refugees in need of our help, not criminals who have done anything to justify the harshness with which we treat them.

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