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Sentence Examples with Heading

  • "In the coming 10 years, the inflation rate will most probably stay very low; current expectations are for around 1.8 percent," he told the mass-selling Bild am Sonntag newspaper, in one of the final interviews of his term heading the ECB.

  • A look at the five most important questions heading into the american league championship series.

  • A look at the five most important questions heading into the world series.

  • As a winter melts away into warmer weather, people start heading outdoors.

  • By a lake there was a notice board about the trail, and there were white trail-blazes heading north up the rocks opposite the lake.

  • Embattled speaker silver asked to resignthe first family reportedly took part in small business saturday by heading out to washington, d.

  • I should have expected this since the first chapter was titled rachel, but the chapter heading was just something I noticed and promptly forgot about as I dove into the story.

  • In middlesbrough, a woman named angel is heading south.

  • Originally the heading of official statements from the fr.

  • Originally the heading of official statements from the french government.

  • Read morethe sword will be heading back in the studio to work on a new album, but not before getting in a handful of shows first.

  • Signing off early tonight, read 7pm and then will be heading back home tomorrow.

  • The health camp was started in january and as many as 700 inmates have been checked up so far, dr sushrut, who is heading the health camp, told.

  • The left screen shot below depicts one such heading.

  • The world in its entirety awaits your words, because the islamic nation is being torn apart, destroyed, and is heading to perdition.

  • There was even one instance while the cruise ship we were in was heading towards harbour square that she told me to include the moon in one of my composition.

  • We are heading off to polonnaruwa tomorrow, to ruin what is left of it.

  • We are spending our last week here in georgia, heading a bit further south towards macon and valdosta, before we finish our last month of tour in florida.

  • We have one more week here in socal before heading to campuses in arizona and nevada.

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