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Sentence Examples with Helicopter

  • A helicopter was flying above us and by instinct i waved at it.

  • According to authorities, the pilot flying the private helicopter died, and three passengers were injured.

  • And I absolutely do believe that if I was ever in a helicopter that came under fire in the skies over iraq, I would retain total recall of the event.

  • He said the group saw a helicopter and heard shots being fired that separated mother elephants from their calves.

  • Looking out of the helicopter window after recovery from his spacecraft after the splashdown.

  • Meanwhile, granger and kensi probe a helicopter crash in afghanistan that may be tied to their ongoing search for the infamous white ghost.

  • More than 250 firefighters, 88 emergency vehicles and a helicopter were deployed to the scene.

  • Navy divers exit their helicopter to recover the gemini 5 spacecraft and astronauts shortly after splashdown.

  • Nobody knows glasgow betternewsnewsnewsrangerscelticposted 8 february 2015first minister nicola sturgeon raised concerns about the speed of the glasgow helicopter crash investigation and the exchange of information between officials in a letter to the pri

  • None of his dogs had ever been in a helicopter before.

  • Perhaps youve heard the term helicopter parenting as a way to describe the way todays 20-somethings gen y were hovered over in childhood by their parents.

  • That pilot, rich krell, told me he was flying the helicopter williams was on in iraq - an account now contradicted by several other soldiers.

  • The fpmr staged an escape from prison using a helicopter, however, in december 1996.

  • Williams and his crew were not on the chopper hit by rocket-propelled grenades, but rather on one following that helicopter, he said in his apology wednesday.

  • Williams said he was stepping aside for several days after admitting he had falsely claimed to being in a helicopter that was shot down in iraq.

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