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Sentence Examples with Hour

  • After more than an hour, i remembered that somebody should come to the office and pick up the money for il hwa.

  • At an early hour to-day people were pouring into the city by every sort of conveyance.

  • Being in india for earth hour this time, i was surprised to find out as to how little people knew about it.

  • But again, this post is not for attention, but to address what i consider a need of the hour.

  • I awake the sake time each day and go to sleep at the same hour.

  • I called up ryan and he told me that he already send kuya edward towards our office an hour ago.

  • If you post every hour, that may work for getting people to you.

  • One mussel alone can cleanse as much as a gallon of water per hour.

  • Or even six 60 minute hours after sunrise, but is the 6th proportionate hour of the 12 that are counted for the day in question.

  • Plus i just love that extra hour of sleep this one fall day.

  • Promontory had enjoyed its hour of glory, but the town did not immediately die.

  • So earth hour is to take place this saturday, same time, all the places.

  • So when i went and turned the clock back an hour, the clock itself also turned it back an hour.

  • The post is a little delayed than i expected however, had to rush out an hour after getting home and well that happened.

  • They could be spending one second or one hour reading the piece of writing.

  • They maintain that if the second coming of jesus were true, whenever it happens, billions of people would then be certain the hour is about to come.

  • Truth be told, these were often 12 hour days that ended with a return to a nice room with a lovely balcony.

  • Vary a half hour ago 20 responses because the super bowl is all about the food.

  • We left minneriya at 0800h and got there in about an hour.

  • You should do an hour of the show each time instead of just half hour

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