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Sentence Examples With Hypocrisy

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Sentence Examples with Hypocrisy

  • Arguments by jesus and his disciples against the pharisees and what he saw as their hypocrisy were most likely examples of disputes among jews and internal to judaism that were common at the time.

  • He used the following bible passages to show the hypocrisy of the evangelicals.

  • Jesus boldly stood against those who maligned the word of god with their hypocrisy, shed light on their dark deeds, and testified against their god-displeasing lives.

  • Joseph mattera offers 10 earmarks of hypocrisy and a clear warning to.

  • Officials never let hypocrisy get in the way of a good speech, but foreign peoples are unlikely to be so forgiving.

  • The hypocrisy in higher education is sometimes just astounding.

  • The way you bring hypocrisy into this dilemma is very broad.

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