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Sentence Examples with Infamous

  • As he retired, bursting with ineffectual indignation, Esdale was the first person whom Hartley chanced to meet with, and to him, stung with impatience, he communicated what he termed the infamous conduct of the

  • Connotations has wide-ranging discussion panels, as well as a vid show, a moderately tidy dinner, the ever-growing charity raffle and the infamous and hilarious pimp session.

  • However, there is this infamous earth hour which i think to be is a great concept.

  • Meanwhile, granger and kensi probe a helicopter crash in afghanistan that may be tied to their ongoing search for the infamous white ghost.

  • She would wait for me near the infamous railway watchtower entrance where the tracks ended, near where cecile, a woman I had worked with on her memoir, had waited for selection.

  • The black metal musician jef whitehead has become infamous, his name forever linked to domestic assault charges.

  • The mainstream media, in particular, is infamous for constantly going against the very crux of journalism.

  • These conditions included records being shipped to the centri sociali as well as record stores, and all of the compact discs were stamped with a price in order to end high markups, something italian retailers were infamous for.

  • We are much more infamous for our pension plan for state workers, which is the worst-funded in the country.

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