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Sentence Examples with Intransigent

  • As in pensacola, the diamond residents were aided by aggressive activists who helped push intransigent industry and government.

  • Confrontation at the University of the Witwatersrand, the administration of which it described as intransigent, highlighted the need for undemocratic and unrepresentative councils to disband and for transformation forums to be established.

  • For far too often for comfort, the more our men and women in uniform are deployed abroad, the more intransigent seem to be the problems that their deployment is designed to resolve.

  • For those who genuinely believed the election of barack obama was the arrival of a post-racial america, I hope their examination of the significant opposition to the legitimacy of his first term as president and the continued intransigent opposition to hi

  • So far, the obama administration and congress have been unwilling to require intransigent banks to reset loans.

  • This is only exacerbated by an intransigent siege that limits food goods, infrastructure, and trade.

  • We are poised therefore to see history repeat itself with immense speed, until and unless somebody in the white house wakes up to the new reality in washington - the reality that triangulating with conservatives as intransigent as this new lot are, just d

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