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Sentence Examples with Invention

  • - the philosophy of civilisation the quiet conscience is an invention of the devil.

  • An alternative view sees the golf tee as the invention of an african-american dentist, dr.

  • But, guess what, it is an invention after the event, it is a back-formation.

  • Introduction the invention of the electron microscope has taken microscopy to a whole new level.

  • No doubt necessity was once the mother of invention.

  • Photography has beguiled us since its invention in the 1830s.

  • Stasis the procedure known as stasis was another important part of the invention process.

  • The main "invention" is nothing more than a particular combination of these elements designed to speed up the breeding cycle for selected traits, in order to make the animals more commercially profitable.

  • There would be no reason for him to reference the list however, because besides the name, the hobbit was still entirely his own invention.

  • Yes, the invention of the telephone was the beginning of the end.

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