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Sentence Examples with Jug

  • By the time the jug had boiled, the notion entered my head of its own accord that species were not what I had long assumed them to be.

  • It was the last first annual heckel tacky christmas gala, a festive blur of gold lamé turtlenecks, slim jims and easy cheese platters, carlo rossi wine sold by the jug and three hours of dirty regret before the party ended early in the emergency room.

  • Simply cut away the bottom, then place the jug over the plant.

  • The blood rushed to his brow, and seemed like fire in his eyes, which blinded him, and he raised in his two hands the heavy jug with all the now useless earth which remained in it.

  • Use lacquer to adhere found objects to a vase, jug or pot - whether they remind you of a specific person, recall a certain time in your life, or just make you smile.

  • Whenever he gets change back from a cash purchase, he puts the quarters into a jug in our bedroom.

  • You know right away how youve done and the jug is about the same size as the heartlungs on a deer.

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