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Sentence Examples with Kinsman

  • Abraham slender is a foolish suitor to anne, and a kinsman of shallow, in the merry wives of windsor.

  • An attorney who represented kinsman in the fsu adjudication process and her lawsuit against the university told the huffington post that kinsman is not planning any additional interviews.

  • Benvolio is a friend and kinsman of romeo in romeo and juliet.

  • Charles will come together, if they can but shake off wicked Everard, as we call a kinsman, whom Sir Charles has no mind to intro-duce to you, without your leave.

  • In the film, kinsman recounts the night she says winston raped her at his apartment despite her pleas for him to stop and after his roommate also allegedly told him to stop.

  • Old capulet is a minor character - a kinsman of capulet - in the party scene of romeo and juliet.

  • Romeo, considering tybalt a kinsman to his wife, refuses to fight him.

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