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Sentence Examples with Knob

  • A 32-year-old russian knob wizard who goes by dj fenix recently became the first turntablist to perform a dj set at the kremlin.

  • A projecting handle with a round knob moves the bolt back and forth.

  • But you can also tour the lesser-known kentuck knob just seven miles from fallingwater.

  • For example, kitchen items such as the coffee maker reservoirs, countertops and stove knobs actually had higher germ counts than bathroom items, such as the bathroom door knob and light switch.

  • In fact, he played the whole matinee with only one volume knob left.

  • Teenage boys typically want to turn every knob up as high as it goes, to feel a range of emotions intensely.

  • While the knurled knob is pressing against the pane in two locations, its not yet clear whether the glass has suffered any measurable damage.

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