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Sentence Examples with Kudos

  • At 5 pm or so they let us in, and once again kudos to Soldier Field for maintaining calm.

  • For those who have, kudos, may happiness stay with you for as long as the sun continues to rise.

  • I mean kudos to the creators for even having the nerve to pitch a cartoon about a sea sponge, much less having it get the thumbs up.

  • In 2012, a number of users requested to be able to opt-out of receiving kudos.

  • Nicotine, too, occurs in the aptly named tobacco tree, which also enjoys apian kudos.

  • This has to be one of the most comprehensive firmware updates issued by any manufacturer for any digital camera, kudos to nikon.

  • This is also where you can post quibbles, questions, kudos or complaints about the current puzzle, as well as ask for hints.

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