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Sentence Examples with Laboriously

  • In the years since, teams of astronomers have used large, ground-based telescopes to laboriously track down more planets.

  • It meticulously, laboriously sets up the backstory and the reason why a trip to outer space is a do-or-die mission.

  • Prior to that day I had been laboriously copying and pasting code, taking it on faith that it would work if I followed the recipe correctly.

  • Strickland, breathing laboriously, kept an angry silence.

  • The assumption of impartiality was certainly relied upon by no less than the vacuous Shane Richmond who, in laboriously explaining to us how he chose a photograph of the Qana incident to illustrate the Daily Hezbolagraph website, showed us the picture on the right.

  • We have gone laboriously through patching our own critical services and are dealing with possible compromise of our primary and secondary key material.

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