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Sentence Examples with Legislation

  • All men are equal before the law, including those passing legislation.

  • Bestialityalabama passed legislation banning the sexual abuse of animals.

  • First celebrated in 1970 in the united states, it inspired national legislation such as the clean air and clean water acts.

  • However, passage of this legislation at the national level would place egg producers on a level playing field, providing a starting point for more humane treatment of hens, and mandating truth in labeling for the benefit of consumers.

  • In addition to the 12 regional corporations, the legislation permitted a thirteenth regional corporation without a land settlement for those alaska natives living out of the state of alaska at the time of passage of ancsa.

  • It should be no surprise then that politicians in those states turn around and easily pass alec model legislation with little resistance since there are often no laws or restrictions which prevent them from working with a lobbying organization behind clos

  • Leash laws many cities have passed legislation that require dogs to be on leash in public areas.

  • Much of the economic legislation of the new deal was attacked on various constitutional grounds, e.

  • Other parliamentary legislation established the institutional basis for efficient city government and municipal services and for government inspection of factories, schools, and poorhouses.

  • Perhaps more than on the national level, progressivism triumphed in the states in legislation beneficial to labor, in the furthering of education, and in the democratization of electoral procedures.

  • Saks is now supporting legislation that will close the labeling loophole.

  • Several more states are considering the passage of legislation this term.

  • The crown need not assent to all legislation, but assent has not been withheld since 1707.

  • The intention in the final constitution should be to introduce a framework whereby the judicial determination of the pre-eminence of national legislation is replaced by the requirement that the provinces themselves through the Senate conclusively establish the desirability of the relevant national legislation.

  • The legislation of the republic is in the hands of this handful of slaveholders.

  • The majority justified these and other decisions by pointing out that the scope of federal legislation had to expand because the growing interdependence of the country made local economic legislation of little value.

  • The territory of missouri first applied for statehood in 1817, and by early 1819 congress was considering enabling legislation that would authorize missouri to frame a state constitution.

  • This legislation, which would prohibit abortions of unborn children past 20 weeks in their gestation in most cases, is a matter of conscience.

  • This week, take action thursday looks at exciting legislation that affects animals used for research, testing, and education.

  • Us legislation and legal argumentsthe requirements for citizenship and the very definition thereof have changed since the constitution was ratified in 1788.

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