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Sentence Examples with Lumber

  • An early industrial centre, it had lumber, textile, and tanning mills.

  • Edward hines spent more than 50 years working for the family lumber business that his grandfather founded in 1892.

  • In times of common calamity God manifests his favour to the elect remnant; his jewels, which he will then make up; his peculiar treasure, which he will secure when the lumber is abandoned to the spoiler.

  • Local artists also went to west sound lumber with special projects for benjamin and the saw.

  • Looking for lumber and materials that did not have a negative impact on the environment and so on.

  • There was a moment when it appeared that the next presidential contest was simply going to lumber into existence.

  • These composite lumber products keep garbage out of landfills, are as easy to use as typical lumber and look just as great.

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