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Sentence Examples with Majestic

  • Our majestic national bird is flying high over much of its former range and will soon be off the endangered list.

  • She replied right away and before she knew it she was walking through the stage doors of the majestic and warming up in the house.

  • The great river is to their left as they travel up the broad valley, the majestic mountains on either side of them.

  • The two mountains represent the majestic twin ranges of the cordillera and sierra madre, between which the marikina valley is nestled, traversed by the marikina river.

  • Then discord lets fall its precise fingers, slowly at first, adding to the music minute notes which are beautiful even in their dissonance and but embellish his majestic harmony.

  • They think of the joy of watching large, majestic orcas breaching out of blue pools on hot summer days.

  • Yet the more profound loss for integrative medicine is berwicks promotion of what he called the majestic thing known as obamacare.

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