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Sentence Examples with Malignant

  • malignant and poisonous affections, as scirrhus and other varieties of cancer, and also cases of infectious virus, demand continually, or with but occasional exceptions, the primary galvanic current A B. ☞ In treating these malignant affections, the current should be run through as short a distance of healthy tissue as possible, yet so as fairly to reach the diseased part.

  • A malignant proliferation of abnormal plasma cells that populate the marrow-containing bones of the body.

  • A malignant tumor of syncytial trophoblasts and cytotrophoblasts, almost always occurring in the uterus.

  • An undifferentiated cell, characteristic of a malignant neoplasm.

  • Observations relate only to long-term prevention of death from malignant disease, if chelation therapy is begun before clinical evidence of cancer occurs.

  • Some of them are benign, and some of them are malignant.

  • Tumors are usually classified as benign or malignant and are often caused by cancer.

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