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Sentence Examples with Meanwhile

  • A couple of teens in bound brook, meanwhile, tried to earn some money shoveling but ran into the law.

  • Byrne, meanwhile, has crawled back under a rock, emerging briefly in january when he was arrested for trying to carry a gun on a plane.

  • CarrĂ©, meanwhile, could refine the technology beyond its initial prototype for csa.

  • Chrome os, meanwhile, will use the amazing new arimo font, which is.

  • Kalayaan college, meanwhile, stands at the corner of aurora boulevard and mangga road.

  • McCain meanwhile, is a decorated war veteran who spent nearly five years as a prisoner of war in Vietnam.

  • Meanwhile, college completion for students from the wealthiest families has risen dramatically, climbing from 44 to 77 percent.

  • Meanwhile, jordan is also facing the simmering dilemma of its own citizens actively supporting and joining the same extremist group jordan seeks to destroy.

  • Meanwhile, the sharks refused to dance with mayer, and walked off stage looking embarrassed as the 37-year-old singer broke out his moves.

  • Much of the land had meanwhile been resold to third parties, who refused the money and maintained their claim to the property.

  • San juan, meanwhile, became a leading outpost of the spanish empire.

  • Stolen camera finder, meanwhile, requires only that you drag-and-drop a file from your camera for it to read the exif and start searching for public photos with their metadata intact.

  • Super bowl xlix champions the new england patriots have meanwhile been forced to postpone celebrations in boston because of the conditions.

  • The financial marketplace, meanwhile, has become a dizzying emporium of choice and easy credit.

  • The right sector, meanwhile, only emerged during the maidan revolution.

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