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Sentence Examples with Nil

  • But for school police to have them where the prospect of a newtown-type school massacre is almost nil is beyond ludicrous.

  • I warmed to the cover for a start, cocoa-eau-de-nil is my current favourite colour combination but I opened it and everything ive known all my life was immediately set out before me.

  • Naturally, russian officials continue to deny that there are any russian soldiers in ukraine, but their credibility is nil and no one takes them seriously anymore.

  • The impact that my son and his generation will be close to nil if we just continue to concentrate on self-centric apps, ones that focus on me, myself and i.

  • The term sometimes refers to word-internal contraction in latin, as nil from nihil.

  • Today there are more severe and frequent floods displacing a half of a million people regularly, massive hillside slumps, extinction of fauna and flora and unimaginable squalor with nil by way of sanitation for people.

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