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Sentence Examples with Nip

  • Drawn by john geering nip and rrip, a boy with a violent cat which bore a remarkable similarity to gnasher.

  • Leah sternmulti media journalist and content producermiami radio stations, please stop all the nip and tuck propaganda before I nip and tuck into another form of musical pleasure.

  • Mr. Ditton, the village lawyer, also saw it without having recourse to the spy-glass; but as Mr. Ditton had but lately had what he called a nip, and indeed several of them, he was in that happy state of sweet good nature which agrees with the last speaker.

  • There have been more than a few situations that I was able to nip in the bud before they became deep and painful.

  • This time of year, with the nip of autumn in the air to.

  • When holidays, birthdays and family gatherings occur, think ahead and find ways as a family to come up with some rules, a plan that can help nip in the bud any of the regular stressful patterns with which you as a family are familiar and can handle with l

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