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Sentence Examples with Obliterate

  • I imagined a world where open, transparent collaborations become the engines that fuel tremendous economic growth and help us obliterate many of the problems facing our planet.

  • The art of drag is more a celebration of femininity, wherein performers attempt to obliterate all traces of male social hierarchy and act as strong, talented women.

  • The goal was to silence opposition and obliterate the islam of peace and dialogue.

  • The martians obliterate the militia, and the network returns, now describing the martians as an invading army.

  • Watch emma stone obliterate jimmy fallon in this fantastic lip.

  • When cnns rick sanchez had a panel discussion on hillarys obliterate iran comment, he rhetorically asked words to the effect well, obliterate is just a word ... what she meant was we would deal with iran harshly ... so whats wrong with that?

  • Whenever violent acts take place, the natural response is the need to obliterate the group or militias behind it militarily.

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