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Sentence Examples with Pilfer

  • Contract sellers used every tool at their disposal to pilfer from their clients.

  • First Sailosi Tagicakibau fumbled a difficult pass 10 yards out with three blue shirts around him and only one red one in front before George Stowers got to the line, but could not get the ball down, leaving Shane Williams to somehow pilfer the ball from the pile of bodies which piled on the No8.

  • In addition to space-loving techno-optimists, there are the doomsday preppers, who get a little bit too much enjoyment from their bunkers and the prospect of shooting their neighbors video-game-style in the post-apocalypse if they try to pilfer from their

  • Simply, these are 401k products fraught with hidden, hard-to-find fees that pilfer away your 401k assets as well as your prospects of retiring with dignity.

  • System speedup description system speedup is a fake computer application which gains to pilfer money from unwary users.

  • System speedup is a fake computer application which gains to pilfer money from unwary users.

  • This basically means that the directors are paid off by the ceos to look the other way as they pilfer the company.

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