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Sentence Examples with Plankton

  • For example, we could pour iron particles into the ocean in the hopes of growing plankton that sucks up carbon.

  • Gills filter plankton from the water, and strong adductor muscles are used to hold the shell closed.

  • Justine sophia-rabiafounder, mayuri world orphan balletlast month russian scientists said they discovered sea plankton on the international space station that might be alive and thriving.

  • No one has ever found an adult of these puzzling crustaceans, despite the plethora of these larvae in plankton, leading generations of marine zoologists to wonder just what y - larvae grow up to be.

  • Russian iss orbital mission chief vladimir solovyev made worldwide headlines with his news that russian scientists had discovered traces of sea plankton on the surface of the iss.

  • Suspended food plankton and particles are trapped in the mucus of a gill, and from there are transported to the mouth, where they are eaten, digested and expelled as feces or pseudofeces.

  • Vast plumes of plankton and krill are feeding baleen or filter feeding whales including humpbacks.

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