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Sentence Examples with Precinct

  • For each precinct, we need only predict one internal cell count, and the others are determined.

  • It was so successful in his precinct, he was promoted within the boston department to expand the program citywide.

  • Many people offer it even if its not necessary - the essence of each precinct is that its local so after a bit you get to know and recognize many of your electors.

  • On the first saturday of every month a flea market is held in the pedestrian precinct in Żary and the exhibition salon is located in the Żary pedestrian precinct near the town hall.

  • Protesters marched to the 46th precinct station house after the verdict and then to the baez home.

  • The precinct caucuses elect delegates pledged to each of the candidates, and the number of delegates is based on the historical support for democratic candidates in that precinct, not the number of people who participate in the caucuses.

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